Saturday, February 26, 2005

"The other tenants can be a little nosy and the landlady's a real witch."

Melrose Place on Channel 5 is halfway through Season 3, just when it starts to get good/go mad: Traci Lords has just moved in as the member of a cult. BUt it all looks incredibly dated (odd seeing Marcia Cross and Doug Savant looking much younger and with different hair - now on Desperate Housewives). I miss Laura Leighton who played loopy Sydney so much. What is she doing these days? Why didn't she get her own series?

Here's a reason to watch the new series of Survivor Palau

His name's Jeff, he's a 21 year old personal trainer and he describes himself as "unpredictable, responsible and fun". For some reason the camera can't seem to drag itself away from his pectoral muscles. Funny that.

But despite Jeff's rather-obvious charms, I'm rooting for Angie to win - she's covered in tattoos, wears glasses, doesn't have a sun-tan and almost got kicked off the game several times in episode 1. She was befriended by the queenly gay guy who then promptly dumped her after about an hour (why are all the gay characters in Survivor complete bitches! It's not right. I'm sure they pick them to confirm stereotypes). But Angie wiped away her tears and made a kick-ass comeback in episode 2. No matter that the newsgroups are making fun of her "fat thighs" (they're not - she's normal!) and calling her "She-Lex" (a reference to a similarly tattooed male contestant from series 3), she MUST WIN!