Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bought two new DVDs that are just out on UK release today - The Village (in which I was shocked at every plot twist) and Heathers (which was one of those key films that helped me survive my teenage years - apart from the monocle-wearing, I identified with Winonan Ryder).

However, a trend in DVDs at the moment seems to be in over-packaging - which surely defeats the purpose of making them take up less space than VHS tapes. Both DVDs I bought today come with additional boxes within boxes making them almost the size of a VHS case. The Village is particularly bad - coming in no less than three layers of packaging - trying to con you into thinking you're getting something bigger than you actually are. And it really is all style and no substance (a print-out of the film's menu would have been more useful).

With property so expensive in the UK, people are living in increasingly smaller homes - hence the trend for those Japanese style beds that are about 3cms off the floor - they give the illusion of space when the ceiling is barely 6ft high. So over-packaging is unwelcome, and also something of a con, allowing the makers of DVDs to justify the high prices because people feel they're getting something more substantial than what they really are. And to get all green on your ass, in terms of the environment it's not good!

I also hate DVD "extras", which rarely live up their promise and seem to be there just so another £5 can be added to the price of the DVD. If you watch all the DVD extras then you probably have OCD and should spend all that wasted time making friends or having sex instead.