Friday, January 14, 2005

My favourite piece of research

Research published by Professor Henry Adams in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 1996 found that 80% of ‘exclusively heterosexual’ homophobic men got erections when watching videos of gay men having sex.

Does this image excite you?

It's what we knew all along: to quote an episode of Roseanne, "the squeaky gate wants to get greased." The simple thing is that real straight men aren't interested in homosexuality. Their brains are too full of Jordan's tits for any other thoughts to penetrate...

Does this image excite you?

I'd like to suggest a follow-up to Adam's research - my hypothesis is that the fuglier a self-proclaimed "straight" man is, the more likely it is that he'll claim (in a rather Edwardian-Lady-hands-clasping-pearls-in-horror) incorrectly that gay men are always hitting on him. I wonder if EPSRC would give me a grant?

It's still kind of sad that homophobia exists at all in shiny futuristic Brave New 2005. The much maligned "political correctness" movement, which began in the mid-late 1980s has had varying degrees of success - it's thankfully very difficult now for people to get away with racism (barely a day goes by in the news these days where someone is outed as an evil racist witch). However, for some reason PC hasn't really made the same in-roads with homophobia and sexism. Case in point - the appalling John McCirick on Celebrity Big Brother kept up a constant barrage of abusive comments about women, but did not dare say anything about black people - even a prime bigot like him knows that there are lines that no longer can be crossed.

I'm going to BUM you!

We live in a post-PC age now, where we can make ironic, "knowing" jokes about gay people and women and get away with it. Examples include Jonathan Ross's "4 poofs and a piano" (who come across as Aunt Jemimas), much of Bo Selecta - with its Elton John puppet shrieking "I'm going to BUM you!" and annoying camp renditions of Will Young, George Michael and Dale Winton (as well as all the "nob-jockey" comments of the Bear), or the complex evolution and re-re-claimings of the word "gay" to mean "lame". These things get on my nerves and appear retrogressive, but they're hard to combat without coming across as a humourless bitch who "doesn't get the joke". I'm not sure why homophobia and sexism are failing to be taken as seriously as racism - and my own sensitivity of the power of racism to offend makes me a bit wary of even asking the question. Still, 1 out of 3 is better than nothing, and the success of anti-racist discourse shows that change is possible.


Honeytom said...

It is easy for comedians to claim they are satirising homophobia by playing characters who are deeply, offensively homophobic. But in reality I guess what they're actually doing is attempting to get an easy laugh from their viewers who still find bum jokes funny. Jumping on the post-modern bandwagon gives them an easy excuse but I'm not sure it's an honest one. Down with comedians I say! Honeytom

DazPaz said...

Where does this place Matt Lucas? I'm sure the ten year olds I teach aren't being ironic when they're calling the shy, quiet, artistic boy 'the only gay in the village'.