Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Leather jacket Love Story is a nice title for a film, and it had Mink Stole in it as well, so I thought it might be worth a look. Sadly, it's a bit film school. The premise is of a naive, idealistic twink falling for a jaded, late 20s leather biker (about as "boy meets girl" as you can get without having an actual girl in the proceedings). There are gay film stereotypes aplenty (in fact, I haven't seen so many since The Broken Hearts Club). Let's count them:

  • A Greek chorus of three drag queens, all with different "styles" -
  • Gang of homophobes who get vanquished.
  • A fat drag queen who makes jokes about "head"
  • Someone's wig gets (hilariously) pulled off
  • Flacid cocks in obligatory swimming pool sequence
  • Someone getting spit-roasted in a cage.
  • Hot foreign exchange student who has no speaking role.
  • Overweight queeny poet and his caustic Elton John circa 1974 boyfriend.
  • Bitchy ageist comments from early 20-somethings about men who are 10 years older than them.
  • Everyone in the community pulls together at a split second's notice to help a friend raise bail by organising a charity poetry reading
  • Upbeat happy ending, although you can give the ensuing relationship approximately 5 more minutes before they split up.

It's all a bit "much" really.