Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I watched Kalifornia the other night - which I remembered for Juliette Lewis's trashy, child-woman character Adele. She plays with her yoyo, talks to and names various cacti, shows her breast to Brad Pitt, gets a bad hair-cut and ends up dead. Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro) and David Duchovony are the black-wearing intellectuals who are writing a book about murders. Yet, they acknowledge that their middle-class existence isn't really giving them the authenticity that they desire - fortunately they make friends with a real serial killer, and it becomes the ultimate ethnographic study. How lucky for them!

Watched The Boys in The Band also again last night. The first time I saw it was 10 years ago and all the characters seemed so old and played out. Now, when Harold says "I am a 32 year old, pock-marked, Jew, fairy..." I casually note that we are the same age. Don't you hate when the characters on the screen in a much-loved film stay the same - like Dorian Grey's picture, but you keep getting older so every time you see them, they look different (and younger).