Thursday, January 13, 2005

I enjoyed Alexander. Or at least, having sat through Gladiator and Troy, I adjusted my expectations accordingly. Three hours is quite a long commitment. And to be honest, having Alexander's homosexuality made explicit (even if it was just in lingering glances and manly hugs) made a nice change. Angelina Jolie was a revelation of badness and I love her lips. And Colin Farrell wore some lovely wigs. And some that weren't so lovely.

With long films, my mind tends to wander. And I thought about all the people who lived in the past who I am related to and will never know anything about. I wonder if any of them were quick at everything, like me. Or if they hated January, like me. I remember someone once saying to me that everyone alive today is descended from survivors - that somewhere in our ancestory, someone won a fight, or made it to the high ground, or kept starvation and disease at bay long enough to procreate. I wish I could know them, and give them kudos for been clever or determined or brave enough to stick around.