Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Do you believe in love at first sight?

What is it about films about "bad lots" who end up in Las Vegas. Anyway, Vegas movies are one of my favourite movie genres (with Showgirls up at the top). I had been wanting to see Speedway Junky for ages - it's set in Las Vegas and has Jesse Bradford (Swimfan, Bring it On) in an early role, as the star. I kind of like the shape of his lips and mouth.

Anyway, Speedway Junky stars Jesse as a drifter who ends up in Las Vegas, gets ripped off by just about everybody, and is befriended by a male hustler who falls in love with him (naturally). It also has Patsy Kensit (sassy Vegas dame), Daryl Hannah (damaged mumsy figure) and Tiffani Amber Thiessen (trashy army newly-wed) in it. Somehow, he manages to keep his dignity (just) and his underwear on. It's by Gus Van Sant, so imagine My Private Idaho with all of the postmodern stuff and Shakespeare taken out and you get the idea.

The good prostitute, the bad prostitute and the beautiful prostitute (not in that order)

The ending is shamelessly sentimental, and made me cry. I don't care. I've said it.

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david said...

Me and my fella had been looking for this movie for ages and finally found a copy in LA last year so bought it. it was the first thing we watched when we got back. it was bad! sold it on ebay a week later and made a profit! swimfan was better and jesse bradford has now been overtaken in our hearts by jonathan tucker and his really thick neck. have you seen the deep end? it's great. filming was delayed until jonathan turned 18 as he has some steamy sex scenes with josh lucas. mmmmmm, josh lucas.....