Sunday, January 30, 2005

Can I be the second person to rave about the film Viva Las Vegas and particularly Ann Margaret. Vegas movies are one of my favourite trash genres, which I've noted here before. And Viva Las Vegas encapsulates an imaginary 1960s Vegas of fun and wholesomeness (rather unlike any other film about Las Vegas - funny that). Ann Margaret spends most of the film shaking her hips and doing that dance where you pretend to be swimming. The best scene EVER is when she leads a dance at the University of Nevada. Yes, Las Vegas has a real university. I wonder if they have any positions open?

VVL should be shown on a double bill with Rock Opera Tommy (where in one amazing scene Ann Margaret writhes around in gallons of baked beans that have poured out of her television).

I've always thought young Elvis was beautiful, in a kind of Ken Doll sort of way. His face looks like its had too much plastic surgery, even though he hasn't. He kind of looks like 80s porn star Jeff Stryker.

I have woken up this morning with a new hairstyle - it sometimes happens. I've decided to go with it. I've stopped going to my fashionable hairdresser - he had a habit of spiking up my hair into dozens of mini mohicans, which is apparently the fashion of young people these days. As I am 32, I feel something of a fraud.