Saturday, January 01, 2005

At the end of each year, the television channels go into overdrive with their "list" shows, "winners and losers of 2004", "100 tv treats of 2004" etc. I am always amazed when watching these programs at how much I actually managed to miss. Rebecca Loos wanking a pig? Completely passed me by. Actually, I wish I'd never seen it - mental note to self. Don't watch any more end of year list shows.

I have caught a particularly nasty cold somehow (brown phlegm) and as I hadn't slept for 2 nights in a row I went to the doctors to ask for something to help me sleep. He prescribed tamazepan, which sounds a bit like a relative of marzipan. The usual sterotype is of Scottish housewives, sitting in front of Trisha, in a tamazepan stupor. It did help me sleep, and also left me feeling rather peaceful and pleasant as I drifted off. I'm so glad that I look so square that nobody ever offers me drugs. I'm sure this blog would be called Crack Addict, rather than Trash Addict otherwise.

Showgirls is my favourite film, so when I discovered that there was a film called Showboy, which was about a gay man's attempt to become a Vegas dancer, I had to see what it was like. Anyway, I watched it today. Here are my comparisons.

style of filmNo opening credits, difficult to interpret, almost bizarrely circular narrative/denounment, with the end of the film resembling the beginningMockumentary style semi-comedy, with the hero, lying about having lost his job, and pretending to be researching the Showboy world for his next script.
The starNomi Malone - an oddly shaped anti-heroine, completely thick, but with "peasant cunning".Christian Taylor, slightly effete British screen-writer, full of school-smarts but no common-sense at all
Big namesGina Gershon, who talks about eating dog food and calls everyone darlin'Whoopi Goldberg, in a a cameo where she tries to get Christian into a show called Boylesque.
Love interestKyle Maclachlan reveals his bare bottom in a particularly strenous swimming pool sex sceneSexy model/Dancer Adrian performs a hot dance number with Christian, but it turns out he's straight and only interested in furthering his career
Most poignant momentWhen Nomi's friend Molly is raped, the manager of the Stardust Casino says "she can have a dress shop" as a form of compensationChristian gets rejected at yet another audition and considers liposuction. In the end he settles for blonde highlights
ConclusionYou can't make a film about shit without getting covered in shitYou can make an intelligent film about shit, but you probably shouldn't