Thursday, December 23, 2004

You can keep Little Britain and its 1970s-esque, safe, predictable comedy. My favourite comedy series of the last couple of years is 3 Non-Blondes, now out on DVD. A "character"-driven sketch show, the girls approach members of the public and start interacting with them, in increasingly bizarre ways. Sometimes they dress as businesswomen and pick fights with each other. My favourite series of sketches involves them dressing as The Queen of Swaziland, her interpreter and a representative from the U.N. The Queen decides she wants to meet a member of the public and then throws a huge tantrum when they accidentally make eye contact with her. The U.N. representative then usually resigns on the spot, leaving the poor member of the public alone with the furious queen who speaks no English.

My favourite non-blonde is Jocelyn Jee Esien, who is able to make me laugh without doing anything. Whenever I'm in touristy bits of London, I always look out for her, hoping she'll try and involve me in one of her sketches by talking bad rap-rhymes to me ("check my lyrics, check my lyrics", saying "vah vah vah vah vah vah vah do you know if there are any vegetarian restaurants round here?" or shining a torch under her face, screaming "AAaaaaahhh! The witching hour approches!" and proclaiming "I LOVE horror films!" I think I would probably propose to her on the spot.