Thursday, December 09, 2004

New Word for the Day

When tv shows go bad, it's called "Jumping the Shark" (after the episode of Happy Days when the Fonz did just that. As far as I'm concerned, Happy Days jumped the shark in the first scene of the first episode, but that's beside the point.) Over at lots of co, there is a discussion about how to refer to tv shows that suddenly get good. The consensus seems to be locklearing - after Heather Locklear who did wonders for Melrose Place towards the end of Season 1.

Here are some of my favourite locklearing moments:

Coronation Street - when Jason Grimshaw kissed Nicky. The soap hasn't looked back since.

Big Brother4 (US) - when Jack said Dana had the sex appeal of a buzzard's crotch

Will & Grace - when Karen and Jack touched stomachs in episode 2.

Surivor series 1 - when the tribes merged and Gretchen got shockingly voted off.

EastEnders - when Michelle learnt she was pregnant (this is going back to the mid 1980s now, it's since jumped the shark many many times).

Footballer's Wives - The first time Gary Lucy's bare arse appeared in a shower-room sequence.

Bad Girls - The arrival of glamorous con-artistes Stephanie Beecham and Amanda Barrie as the "Costa Cons".

Blakes Seven - When Servalan said "Maximum Power!"