Friday, December 24, 2004

I haven't been doing very much except watching tv and reading. My new television (see below) is so large and has such good picture quality that you can see all of the minute facial flaws of actors who you previously thought were quite attractive. Now nobody's poor dental hygiene or lack of skincare routine can escape me. I'm not even going to mention the Big Brother Pantomime "experiment", except to say that Kitten looked even more mortified than usual and everyone involved should really be very ashamed of themselves.

I am reading a big sociology textbook (for fun) and am up to the chapter on social class. It is (unintentionaly) hilarious in places and should be turned into a sitcom with a voiceover reading out bits of the book exactly as they are written. Apparently you can tell your social class by the way your sofas are arranged. Also, working-class people "live for the moment", and say things like "what will be will be", which has become something of a constant catch-phrase in Casa Odana over the last few days.

I am also reading Jon Ronson's "Them" - he's one of those young humorous journalists (the ones who write the G2 "tabloid" section of The Guardian), a bit gawky, but kind of endearing with it. His book examines the theory that a small group of powerful people (The Bildeberg Group aka The New World Order) rule the world, meeting once a year in various hotels. They may or may not be giant lizards, depending on who you listen to. I think I might have absent-mindedly filled in a membership form for them (it was at the back of an old copy of GQ magazine). However, I decided not to send it off - controlling the world is a big committment, and I'd rather free up my evenings and weekends for arranging my sofas and living for the moment.