Saturday, December 18, 2004

Here's to the Ladies Who Race.

The Amazing Race (season 6) is underway in the U.S. and it's proving to be as crazy, high-octane and emotive as previous series. Ostensibly an elimation/race contest, the real fun is in watching the slowly disintegrating relationships between contestants as Time Runs Out for them. Oh, and it's also quite amusing seeing pampered westeners having to deal (often in disgust) with other cultures: "We're in ghetto Africa" said one contestant last week "They just keep breeding!"

Despite the numerous boring aspiring model/actor pairings, there are a few crazies who make the show so watchable. My favourite are Victoria and Jonathan. He has blue hair and is so controlling and Type-A that he occasionally resorts to physical violence in moments of frustration. Poor Victoria just trails along after him, unable to do anything right in his eyes. He also has an amusing high-pitched squawling voice. Having come 2nd three times so far, they are desparate to win - Jonathan ditched his rucksack last week in order to hurry across the finish line. But it was up to Victoria to pick it up (scared someone would steal it) and carry his rucksack and her own to the finish. Wracked with agony, and screaming and wheezing EXACTLY like Heather in the final seconds of The Blair Project, she limped second place again. Jonathan's ensuing rage could only be heard by dogs in a five mile radius. I give their relationship exactly five more minutes. And if they're not exciting enough, there are pro-wrestler couple Lori and Bolo (described by another "kindly" contestant as 5ft and on steroids). When the red mist descends over their relationship (and it's often) expect the fur to fly, in words of one syllable only. They must win (with Jonathan and Victoria coming in second place hopefully).

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