Thursday, December 09, 2004

Flame on!

So Gerald Allan, Republican representative in Alabama (looks like a creepy closet case to me) wants to ban literature or other materials that "promote homosexuality". I think I'm having a flashback to 1988 and Margaret Thatcher's abominable Clause 28. You know that you're dealing with someone who's not exactly playing with a full deck of cards when they advocate book banning - don't they realise that they've become reduced to playing a two-dimensional character in the Ray Bradbury book Farenheit 451.

Still, as I remember, that had a happy ending - a small group of people saved literature by memorising the entire contents of books.

So just incase, I'd like to volunteer to memorise Gore Vidal's The City and The Pillar. Allan may eventually get round to burning books, but he can't burn memories. Anyone care to take Maupin, Wilde or Hollinghurst?

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Deano said...

I think I could safeley take Maupin, including the frankly crap Maybe The Moon. The City and The Pillar is a great book.