Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Evil Edna

It was the biggest one in the shop, comes fully prepared for HDTV and looks sleekly evil. I haven't left the sofa all week. Even QVC seems oddly relevant and beautiful when watched on it. I feel like I've turned into one of those futuristic women in 1960s science fiction short stories written by people like Asimov and Bradbury. They had names like Lenina or Jimilla84. They gradually became addicted to the "telescreen" and could no longer tell real life from reality tv etc. Just call me Lenina.

Gaydar have started a new thing, (or maybe it's an old thing that I just noticed) where users can nominate their favourite profiles, which are then presented in monthly top 10s. The winners all look exactly as you would imagine. After thinking about it for 4 seconds, I decided it was time to delete my profile. I've not exactly made any friends on gaydar, maybe having a profile that says "I am in a relationship" isn't going to help, and I never really entered into the spirit of things, as I didn't have any pictures of my private parts. Also, I could never get into the habit of calling other people "m8". However, it's very easy to mock gaydar, too easy. So I'll stop now. Back to the tv...