Sunday, December 05, 2004

A boozer, a user and a loser.

My own experience of mature students is that they're generally good, if a bit neurotic. Totally unlike Jerri Blank, star of American sitcom Strangers With Candy, which never made it across to the UK, but is awfully good. Jerri is a 43 year old high school freshman, still trying to get through school, having spent the last 25 years with her "donkey act" in South America, when she wasn't in in prison. Based on a real-life documentary called The Way Back, all three series of Strangers With Candy are now out on DVD. The pictures above are from the great cartoonesque title sequence, showing all the key points in Jerri's life. Love it.

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sean808080 said...

oh i love love love strangers with candy!