Thursday, November 25, 2004

Groc, who is perhaps the only blogger who is more of a grumpy old man than me, notes that Dixons are stopping selling VCR recorders, which is going to annoy people with a lot of VCR tapes, when their hardware eventually gives out (thanks to that marvel of advanced capitalism - inbuilt obsolescence).

I found the arrival of DVD to be annoying at first - and I'm ashamed to say that I've spent (wasted!) money buying DVDs of the same things I had on VCR, just so the quality will be better (to be honest, it's also about saving space on my shelves). If you want to know why all the charity shops in Lancaster are full of little-known cult movies from the 1970s, then I'm to blame. However, I don't think that DVD will last very long either. Already, High Definition TV has resulted in an even better picture quality, meaning that all the stuff I have on DVD will get re-released as HDTV-DVD and I will need to buy it again. Then it will probably get released as real cinema quality, allowing to it to projected huge onto a wall, with no loss of image. And then there'll probably be a 3D version made, or a holographic version, or a version which beams into your brain and lets you interact in it. So I'm kind of resigned to buying all the films I love, over and over again for the rest of my life.

On the other hand, I won't be updating my mobile phone any time soon (unless it breaks). It has a naff ring tone, no picture or video facility and looks cruddy as most of the surface casing has worn away due to it living in my pocket with my keys. But no amount of "ashamed of your mobile?" adverts will make me change.

Last night, ITV showed a tv programme called Chubby Chasers, which was about the FA (Fat Admirer) Community. There are plenty of websites devoted to this, both of the porn and non-porn variety. The programme focussed on issues of self-confidence and pride that fat women can feel, knowing that there are men who find them attractive. It ignored the fact that it's not necessarily men liking fat women, but there are other combinations such as men liking fat men etc. It also glossed over the more controversial health issues - one of the women had had to have a trachectomy, resulting in there being a white pipe sticking out of her neck. There's also the issue of "feeders", people who want their partner to gain more and more weight. And in a world where so many people are starving etc, aiming to be 25 stone or whatever, could be interpreted as a bit of a global fuck-you! At the same time, Fat Admirers are still viewed as fetishists - being against the norm, and who wants to be someone's fetish? I once had someone email me who had seen my photo on the internet and said I had a big Adam's Apple that turned him on and did I have any more such photos. I'm afraid that email went in my "crazy" archive. Still, I guess it's nice that there's someone for everyone.

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