Thursday, October 14, 2004

Work it

If I pay £168 pounds a month extra into my pension plan I can retire at 55 rather than 65. I feel like I'm one of those episodes of Star Trek Voyager where they get 10 years closer to home. Home being here... what? Not having to go in to work? Doing what instead? While work can be annoying and all-consuming at times - at least it's not that boring, there are plenty of people to talk to and I feel like I have a purpose. Still, I probably will end up paying the extra money to retire early - I guess I just need to think of what I'd do with the extra 10 years of not working.

I am reading a PhD thesis at the moment which is about sexist language. I've always found the Mrs/Miss distinction to be unfair - you're either a sensible "taken" "Mrs" or a flightly "Miss". The term "Ms", which was supposed to sort it all out, has its own prickly connotations. I think I might go radical and address everyone as "M."

This week one of my students told me that The Guardian is a right-wing newspaper. I asked how many of them actually read any newspapers and got a paltry show of hands. You know when you are finally old when you start complaining about how uninformed people younger than you are.

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