Thursday, August 12, 2004

We didn't get the gay reality dating show Boy Meets Boy in the UK, but I have managed to obtain a DVD of the entire series (entirely for sociological reasons I may add). I must admit to watching Joe Millionnaire, The Bachelor (American and British versions) and Average Joe so I am familiar with the slowly evolving dating genre (I can't wait for the one with the dwarves (can't think of a sensitive term)).

"Andra, what should I do?" "Suck your stomach in and hold this pose."

Anyway, I have only watched 2 episodes of Boy Meets Boy, and I am hooked on its badness. This is mainly due to the fact that a) the "leading man" has a big toothy Liberace smile that is so white it's like staring directly at the sun - when I close my eyes I can still see an imprint of it where it's burned into my retinas. b) Dani Behr. On behalf of Britain, I apologise to America for her. c) The fact that I started out thinking I'd be able to spot the straight interlopers and I got them all wrong so far. My gaydar is officially broken. d) the fact that the leading man isn't able to make a decision without discussing it endlessly and then gaining the full approval of his fag hag supportive female friend: the curiously named, multi-striped haired, cries at the drop of a cowboy hat Andra - I'm sure she's dropped a vowel and is really called the less exotic Andrea. Still, I kind of care how it all works out and hope that the budget is a bit bigger for series 2.

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