Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Apparently, for my whole life I haven't been getting enough protein and I've been overdosing on simple carbohydrates in the form of chocolate and pastries which cause mood swings and make you put weight on. So my personal trainer has got me eating all sorts of weird food - seaweed, nuts, seeds, goat's milk, rye bread, green tea. Apparently most of the problems of western civilisation are to do with too much wheat and dairy products. It is difficult to avoid normal food though - when you look at what Marks and Spencers sell for example - it's full of ready meals that have had all the nutrients zapped out of them and sugar-filled sweets. It's difficult to go to a restaurant and avoid things like white rice (evil apparently) or cheese (bad). Fortunately I don't mind rye bread or the nuts and seeds (being vegetarian you learn very quickly to get over fussiness - or else you develop rickets). But I draw the line at seaweed. They don't call it weed for nothing. Disgusting.

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