Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Well my personal trainer session was interesting. I was poked and manipulated in various ways and with various machines. I blew into things and ran on a treadmill while a belt measured my heart rate. I've never had anyone so interested in my body before.

But the results were not particularly good - I have poor flexibility, slightly high blood pressure, a higher than average level of fat, poor posture and a weak transverse muscle (and I didn't even know I had a transverse muscle, so no wonder it's weak). This is mainly due to my sedentary lifestyle - sitting at a desk all day, driving everywhere etc. The workout routine that I've been following for myself is pretty inadequate in that it's the sort of thing that a beginner would be given if they wanted to "tone" themselves. We didn't even begin to touch on my diet - as a vegetarian I'm not getting enough protein.

I hung my head in shame and bought three extra sessions with the personal trainer immediately.

We then went into the gym and I was shown how to do sit ups properly - so that they hurt. Then we did some things on a big bouncy ball that looked like it had wandered in from the set of the 1970s children's series Playaway. Finally, I lifted weights and he shouted at me "come on, one more!" I haven't felt this masculine in years. Ever probably.

I heart my personal trainer. Every gay man should have one. Or even two.

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