Monday, January 12, 2004

A weekend trip to Glasgow to see my Canadian friend Suzanne in her flat - it has a lovely view of Marks and Spencer (that's about as glamorous as it gets for someone living where I live). We saw Lost in Translation (good, but probably doesn't deserve ALL the attention it's been getting lately) and took her two chiauauas for a walk in the park - tip - unusual dogs are a wonderful icebreaker and ensure that loads of girls will stare at you - if you're a single straight man who wants more sex (and let's face it, that's all of them) you may want to think about buying one.

Matt Roberts - personal trainer to the stars!

We played "spot the attractive person" (although it was very low single figures all weekend) and I bought a belt with a huge buckle. We also went into lots of crowded pubs and bars (some very scary and rough, and some very scary and posh). Suzanne has a personal trainer too - as she's from an urban area she is well ahead of me and has been seeing one twice a week since Easter. We theorised that "transactional relationships" such as those you have with your manicurist or your personal trainer are going to increasingly become important in people's lives - acting as a constant (when so many other relationships come and go) and a means of "narrative confessional" - which would have previously been carried out by a priest or family doctor. However, the difference now is that we pay for these sorts of relationships and we know that they'll continue to exist because there's money going into them. Isn't having a personal trainer really just like paying a really attractive, knowledgeable person to be your friend?

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