Thursday, January 22, 2004

Love me

Tv seems to be awash with programmes about people having plastic surgery at the moment. Julian McMahon plays a plastic surgeon in Nip/Tuck. He himself suggests someone who has had a number of procedures designed to make him more beautiful (I remember him 15 years ago on the Australian soap Home & Away - and he's hardly changed, apart from the slightest hint of a hairline that may be wanting plugs, a pair of perfectly plucked eyebrows, a tan that borders on orange and a kind of wolfish cruelty in his expression - which must be the acting, I'm sure he's lovely in real life.

Rupert Smith, who reviews tv for the Guardian said that Julian McMahon is one of the most beautiful men on television today. I'm inclined to agree - hurrah for men in their 40s who put men in their early 30s (me) to shame.

Let's face it though - plastic surgery programmes, whether documentary or fiction are a winner. On the one hand, people who are interested in physical appearance will watch, but on the other, people who like gore will also be fascinated.

Last night Channel 5 had an awful one where we saw penis enlargement in very specific, gory detail. There was also a guy who got breasts to win a bet. But the worst, and silliest was a man who had his dog fitted with fake testicles. Such people should really have all of their rights to make decisions removed instantly.

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