Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Go to work in any office up and down the country and you know that the secretaries will be eschewing reading each other's horoscopes "Oh, twins in peach bring news of a financial opportunity Brenda!" to playing the (by now) very old, sad and cliched, what's your porn star name game? Even my mother (who is 50 and an ex-Methodist) tried to explain it all to me on the phone. How does it go? You mother's maiden name and the name of your first pet, street name etc etc. I'm Ricky Cochrane incidentally, which is passable, just.

However, real porn star names are much more literal and silly. Here are my top 10s - they're all from

My favourite silly gay porn star names:

1 Ace Harden
2 Bill Flagstaff
3 Candy Bar
4 Flex Gamble
5 Hank Hightower
6 Lance Gear
7 Randy Mixer

8 Sparky O'Toole

9 York Powers
10 Rush Stunner

And - they got it wrong....

The 10 most inappropriate (but actually exist gay porn star names)

1 Oliver Krist

2 Sebastian Bonnet
3 Sweet William
4 Blaine Bogart
5 Chuck Palms
6 Gavin Burke
7 Keith Dyson
8 Mason Walter
9 Sandy Sloane
10 Virgil Cannon

The 10 silliest and most arrogant single name only gay porn star names:

1 Phase
2 Puppy
3 Storm
4 Bam (aka Virgil Cannon- boy does he need a new agent)
5 Chance
6 D'Cota
7 Jan
8 Kaos
9 Domino
10 Malice

Coming soon - thinking of becoming a gay porn star - tips on how to choose your name and get it right!

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