Monday, January 05, 2004

But it does nothing for me!

Shattered - the new Channel 4 game show is Britain's first tv programme where contestants have to stay awake to win money (if you discount the awful Touch The Truck presented by Her Royal Orangeness Dale Winton a couple of years ago). However, Shattered fancies itself to be a bit more upmarket and youth culture - run by Dermot O'Leary (a man who seems to be able to make everyone's knickers wet except mine sadly) and with that Channel 4 media "buzz" associated with Big Brother, the Big Breakfast, Big Wife Swap etc... The constestants are all horrible (several of them have bad teeth) and have attitude problems (e.g. they're loud, bossy and over-confident - Channel 4 are not making the mistake of Big Brother 4 ever again - expect Big Brother 5 to contain paedophiles, mad dictators and/or Julie Burchill).

As part of the introductory episode we got to see a video diary where lovely Dermot filmed his own efforts to stay awake - it transpires he wears glasses when not on tv and he should really be asking for more money as you'd expect a tv presenter to live in a nicer house than that - somewhere overlooking the Thames with lots of minimalist white furniture for example (or maybe it's just London house prices - who'd be a tv presenter these days?)

I had some spare money and was bored over the weekend so splashed out on some DVDs that I'd normally not bother with from a local (tiny) HMV. If you have not yet seen Bruce Almighty then I recommend you don't bother. I could feel my brain cells killing themselves off as the minutes turned to hours. It has every predictable, nauseous feel-good film cliche in it, and felt like something that should have been made in the 1980s with Tom Hanks or Bette Midler in it. It is only marginally better than What Women Want. So now you know.

I have booked for a personal trainer at my gym tomorrow morning. He is called Matthew. Do you think we'll fall in love? Or do you think he'll act in a professional and courteous manner and privately decide I'm a lost cause?

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