Wednesday, January 14, 2004

All spammed out

There is a special 10th cirle of Hell reserved for spammers (along with all of the people who make me mad - people who don't park in parking spaces correctly, people who litter, people who say 'enjoy your trip' when someone falls over, anyone involved with Yahoo or WKD advertising campaigns - I could go on but there's not enough space on the internet).

My spam-catcher programme sends most of my spam to my Deleted folder where it automatically vanishes forever after a few days. Some of it gets through though - this is because subject titles are "cleverly" crafted so that the spam filter doesn't recognise them (putting a full stop or caret in a word seems to work occasionally)

Matthew Minor Get The Respect You D.eserve urgency Tue 13/01/2004 04:05
Mariano L. Cruz Instant Pha]rmacy D^rugs to your Door! Tue 13/01/2004 22:08

As does just putting together a seemingly random string of long words:

Luciano Atkins groundskeep forty lifeguard fission Tue 13/01/2004 17:00
Louis Deal hazardous disneyland hermite honduras Mon 12/01/2004 17:17
Clifford Hudson buggy cocky dormitory Mon 12/01/2004 02:39

Buggy cocky dormitory? Who thinks of these things? And while we're on, the names of spammers are starting to get increasingly lyrical and Dickensian - Luciano Atkins? I've also had spams recently from Linette Aguilar, Chase Dobson, Mark Jenkingz, Chelsea Baird, Shutter H. Algonquian and my personal favourite Hokey Q. Nabbing. If anything sums up the ideology of the spammer then it's Hokey Q. Nabbing.

At least some of the spammers seem to have a sense of humour. Although, I get the idea they're a bit like Karen from Will & Grace - amusing from a distance, but you wouldn't want them anywhere in your life. And you certainly wouldn't ask them to water your plants while you're on holiday.

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