Sunday, December 28, 2003

Happy Mid-Winter Shopping Festival to you All!

Trash Addict is a whole year old. Hurrah. Last year I started writing this during my favourite week of the year - that bit between Christmas and New Years when I refuse to do any work and instead watch movies, read for pleasure and do the sales. All of that additional unaccustomed happiness makes the creativity sacs in my brain swell up - and hence Trash Addict was born.

Thank you to whoever invented the Epsom EMP-TW10 projector - having installed it in the spare room, pointed it at a blank wall, it now projects all my DVDs at a size of 80 inches (and to get all size queen on you, bigger is better). You haven't lived until you've seen Joan Collins bear her tits in The Bitch - larger than life on your wall. I don't think I'll ever want to go outside again, except to buy more DVDs.

One thing about Christmas that annoys me is Christmas songs. How many times have I heard "I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day" this month? Too many. In the past, you actually used to hear proper hymns - which were quiet and peaceful. Now 1970s tacky Christmas pop has replaced hymns - secular loudness for all to enjoy. Well it stinks - I may be agnostic, but give me O Little Town of Bethlehem every time over Here It Is Merry Christmas Everybody's Having Fun. Even Trash Addict can admit that sometimes too much trash is a bad thing. Slade - take note.

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