Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Where I work has a policy about parking - you buy a pass and then yo can park in any of the free spaces. Last year though, too many passes were sold, and as a result, people started parking anywhere - particularly driving up onto grass, which looked awful, especially in winter when the grass got ruined. This year, the problem has gotten worse. Nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Now people don't even bother looking for a space, they just park anywhere that's convenient for them. It's driving me mad. And it's driving me mad that's it's driving me mad if you know what I mean. I've written formal letters of complaint, I've stormed into the security office demanding that something is done. But nothing changes. At best they put measly notes on cars telling them not to park there again. Can anyone suggest any (legal) solutions to this?

On a better note, the women in my department all went out for a meal and then announced on Monday morning that I'd been voted the best-dressed male in the department. Although, that's not really saying that much - if you saw some of the fashion choices of my colleagues, you'd know what I'm talking about.

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