Thursday, November 13, 2003

When I was younger I was into those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books - they were for geeky kids who liked Dungeons and Dragons, but didn't have enough social skills to have the requisite number of friends to get a game going. Choose Your Own Adventure books let the reader make various choices at different stages in the narrative e.g. "If you want to fight the dragon go to page 45, use the gold key - go to 65 or cast a spell - 53." As an alternative to computer games, I whiled away hours with these books - by favourites were the ones by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone - with titles like Citadel of Chaos and House of Hell, they allowed teenage introverts like myself to get lost in alternative universes were they had control and could beat up their enemies - probably not too healthy really).

While in New York, I stumbled across a new series of Choose Your Own Adventure books, this time with a gay twist (everything has a gay twist nowadays). Escape From Fire Island has you fighting zombie drag queens while attempting to save your slutty friend Jose. The only other book in the series is called "Night of a Thousand Boyfriends" (which is a bit excessive admittedly) although apparently others are planned including Quest for Streisand and Journey to the Bottom of Ben Affleck.

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