Friday, November 28, 2003

Voice of the beehive

In a shocking move to retro, Coronation Street has resurrected three of its old characters, Bet, Liz and Jim. They've also sent them all to Blackpool - Corrie always gets a little bit crazy in Blackpool, and these episodes have not disappointed. Maybe Bet and Liz could get a jobs as drag queens at Funny Girls - they've both got the look off pat.

Blow me

While in America I bought two gay-themed superhero comics, the Rawhide Kid and The Green Lantern (which was written by Judd from MTV's The Real World). The Rawhide Kid is set in the "wild west", although the kid seems to have stepped right out of current day Christopher Street. He dresses well, has an endless supply of camp one-liners and likes giving people makeovers. However, with that said, he's the fastest gun in the west and always wins a fight. He may be a queen but he's no sissy. The Green Lantern on the other hand isn't gay (sadly) but has a gay assistant who is the subject of a hate crime. This is all tackled in a more worthy after-school special kind of way which is wonderful, but all the same, I was still hoping for a little shallow superhero-on-superhero action.

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