Friday, November 07, 2003

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy descended onto British shores last night (well for people who have UK Living anyhow). Having heard about this programme, I already had issues with it - the whole "gay men as fashion gurus" adds fuel to a certain sterotype. Why couldn't the gay guys be helping the straight guy to fix his car, read a map or do better at sports?

Still, once you accept that it is all about the stereotypes (and at least they're a notch up from the gay man as paedophile (I wonder how many extra google hits typing that word'll get me - be gone before I drop a house on you), gay man as communist threat and gay man as violent killer), you can let your IQ wander off somewhere and laugh at the bitchy asides and camp humour. There are also a number of "top tips" for male grooming - work the hair wax in from the back and use a comb to trim over-long eyebrows...

Mark Simpson wrote an article last week pointing out that NOT all gay men have good taste anyway - Elton John, Dale Winton, Boy George and Graham Norton were among those named and shamed. Incidentally - Boy George's gaydar profile is allegedly here. I'm impressed at his vocabulary at least.

So, going into Kilroy/Trisha mode... Are you a gay man? Do you have good/bad taste? Please share your story with us here.

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