Monday, November 03, 2003

I have been troubled by tiny white spots on my face for some years, which don't respond to picking or squeezing. They are pretty much unnoticeable except to me (I am my harshest critic). I once mentioned them to my doctor who told me there was nothing I could do about them. However, I did a bit of google research and found out that they are called milia and they are small deposits of oil that get trapped under the skin. I then tried to find someone locally who would remove them. A number of websites claimed to do such a thing, although the first I phoned told me that they don't take men (!) The second booked me an appointment for Saturday morning.

I was first subjected to a facial, which meant lying down under a duvet and having a woman rub different smelly things into my face. This took a long time and she said things like "We're now going to exfoliate, cleanse and tone the skin." Afterwards, she ran a machine which gave an electrical charge to my face. I didn't feel much. Then she pulled out a big needle and proceeded to poke holes in me so she could extract the milia. It came out as little white lumps which she showed me. She couldn't get all of them, as some are too deep, but I was encouraged to purchase a Clarins product which may help them rise to the surface.
Afterwards my face had a number of large angry swollen red areas which have since gone down. Although admittedly, she has done a better job than I would have - who knew there was an art to squeezing spots?

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