Thursday, October 30, 2003

Watched Threads last night with my fella. Threads was made in the 1980s, about a nuclear bomb that gets dropped on Sheffield and the subsequent miserable 10 years afterwards. It ends with a girl giving birth to a mutant. It scared the shit out of me when it was first aired. My fella refused to watch it the first time round, dismissing it as "leftie propaganda" (thank god he's not the Tory boy he once was). Watching it again though, we were struck by a number of things - would life really be that miserable? Wouldn't people eventually adjust and at least start talking to each other again instead of sitting round fires in gloomy silence? Surely the human spirit would resurface? And why was the nuclear wind still going after 10 years? And why was there no humanitarian aid? And why didn't anybody bother to tidy up - even after 10 years, there was rubble everywhere - even the video player in the makeshift classroom was absolutely covered in debris - surely someone could have taken a second out of their life to wipe it with their hand? The message is that the first casualty of war isn't "truth" but cleaning.

The other thing that struck me in the video was how bad everyone's hair was in the 1980s. This was pre-conditioner and it showed. Everyone had dry, unmangeable hair that was an ugly shade of ginger/brown. This made me realise just how many people dye, sorry "colour" their hair these days. The truth is that no-one is a natural blonde in the UK. Do we need a more chilling message than that?

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