Tuesday, October 28, 2003

This from Two Slugs Kissing about how he blagged his way into a magazine article looking for Britain's sexiest man, is funny (thanks Laurence for the link). He reminds me of me, about five years ago, before I went boring.

He's not the best singer on Pop Idol, but he's got the nicest hair, ergo he should win. Vote Andy. Vote more than once. Exercise your right to live in a democracy!

Watched Barbarella on DVD last night. I love that film - the music is fantastic, set design is suitably 1960s (lots of inflatable cushions), Anita Pallenberg (with Fenella Fielding's voice) is wonderful, and Jane Fonda is so sexy that by the end of the film I would have turned heterosexual had she not said so many camp lines: "A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming...", "This really is too poetic a way to die" and my favourite "Do you mean they're still living in a primitive state of neurotic irresponsibility?"

I love an atmosphere.... I love a party with a happy atmosphere... So let me take you there, and you and I'll be dancing in the cool night air!

VH1 have been having a "worst of" weekend, which I dutifully watched. My favourite "worst of" is Russ Abbot's "I love a party with a happy atmosphere", which I can no longer hear without thinking in terms of an ironic reading of it. Russ is wearing a Daddyesque unfashionable pullover from the 1980s, he's been under the sunbed too long and he looks like the Alpha male among a group of 40-60 year old men who hang out in a gay pub in a small town.

Irony is everywhere these days. And it's been spoilt as a result. When me and my friends were listening to our Reader's Digest Sensational 70s Boxed Set in 1988, we were on to something - we rehabilitated the 1970s - getting fresh enjoyment out of old songs that nobody else wanted to hear. Nanna's record collection was suddenly gold-dust. Now trash is everywhere, repackaged ironically for your pleasure. School disco, retro, the knowing wink... it's so ubiqitous, everything's a reference to a reference. Where will it all end? Is it possible to be post-ironic? Or is there no going back, as I suspect.

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