Monday, October 06, 2003

Saturday: I watched a whole night of ITV. Is this what being middle-aged is? Have I come to this?

So Coronation Street leaps into the 20th century with its first gay kiss.
Something strange is happening to Corrie - it's trying to contemporise - first
an Asian family! (But they're all quite nice really and one of them used to be in that Victoria Wood thing) Then people on drugs! (But it was all by accident and funny rather than tragic and involving guns). And now a gay kiss! (But don't worry because it only last a milisecond and involved a "confused" teen kissing a passed out man who didn't return his affections.

Actually, hard-hitting political messages aside, Corrie is turning into a half-hour long Victoria Wood sketch. We've already got the dippy Asian lass from Dinnerladies, add to that Susie Blake who used to be the newsreader on Victoria Wood As Seen on TV (showing my age now kids aren't I), and the fact that Ms Wood does the voiceovers for Cadburys who sponser the programme. What next? Julie Walters and Celia Imrie having a threesome with Duncan Preston on Emily Bishop's eiderdown?

My first day of teaching for this term and it didn't go swimmingly. I was happyhappyhappy as the students filed in to the shiny new computer lab. I'd practiced being avuncular and caring all at once. But it all went to pieces when all the computers turned out to have viruses and support services didn't show up until 10 minutes before the class ended. While we were waiting I instigated a discussion about how the students were getting on in their first week, but eventually gave up and sent them back to bed.

I wish the people who created viruses got to have more sex. It's just a cry for help really.

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