Friday, October 24, 2003

I love the way that the Americans on Joe Millionaire pronounce the word "chateau" (with rising emphasis on the final syllable). Last night "Joe" and one of his dates gave the cameras the slip and went off into the woods for some outdoor snogging. Fortuantely they had left on their microphones, so we were treated to a lot of subtitles which went something like "Mmmmmm (smack) yeh, he he he (slurp) mmm." Did you want to shower after watching? I did.

Over at Living TV, the Stripsearch troupe have now been formed, dance instructor Inez has had injections into her lips and nobody dares mention them (except me) and a group of female rugby players got to be guinea pigs on the boys' first night on stage. What they lacked in co-ordination they made up for in enthusiasm. There was something sadistic about watching the poor men getting all-over body waxes - especially poor Welsh David who was literally face down on the bed and biting the pillow. Later, they had a photoshoot with a camp northern photographer who lists Shirely Bassey and Prince Charles as his former subjects (possibly not at the same time). We also got to see a big black penis several times therefore reinforcing the stereotype. Although the premise of StripSearch is unquestionably tacky, the series has provoked more moments of drama, tenderness and suspense than any other tv show I have watched this year. Oh, and David's butt looked lovely once it had been waxed.

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