Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hurrah, Pop Dizzy is back - with more pictures, more colour and more sarcasm than ever.

Like Zbornak, I recently saw and enjoyed Party Monster (I'm starting to think that my blog should be retitled "Everything that Zbornak said yesterday minus the stuff on Angela Lansbury") Shame on the Guardian for giving it 1 star - snobs! My favourite part of the film was when James St. James advises Michael Alig on how to be a super success on the disco/party circuit. You enter a party, saying hello to everyone, especially people you don't know, and then make your way round the room, telling everyone you've lost your friend. You friend is doing the same thing, but in a counter-clockwise direction. When you finally meet up there is much squealing and clapping, and then you go back round the room telling everyone you've found your friend. Do that for three months and you'll be the toast of New York. (I paraphrase, but you get the idea.) I was kind of missing Parker Posey who seems to be an essential ingredient for New York disco films, but Chloe Sevigny made up for it.

I haven't bought a lifestyle magazine for a week now, and Naomi Cleaver's evil "Other People's Houses" has finished, so I think my home addiction is coming to an end. I'm afraid I went a bit far when I decided to paint a huge burgendy square on one of the walls of the spare room. People are kindly calling it a bold statement.

Me and my fella were the first people to move into my swanky new building. Since we moved in, an Asian couple have moved in upstairs (although they're never there). A middle-aged white couple also moved in last week. The company who own the building have been advertising it in my fussy local newspaper every week and last week decided to run a two page spread about it, with lots of fuss and fanfare. Quotes that I emailed them on request about "high specifications" and "superb aftercare packages" were freely used. A photographer was also summoned, to take pictures of the happy residents living in their sophisticated surroundings. Now reader, guess who appeared in these photographs:

a) the gay couple
b) the Asian couple
c) the white heterosexual couple

It was C. Need you ask?

Thanks to Tivo, I have been indulging in rather downbeat B Movies all week: The Omega Man, The Illustrated Man and The Blob. This all led to a rather maudlin conversation last night which started with "what's the point of it all?" and ended with "The only thing we can be certain of is death." I think I need some frothy romantic comedy to raise my spirits.

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