Monday, October 13, 2003

Every year at this time I also catch a cold. All the students return with their funny foreign diseases from places like Scunthorpe and Cardiff, and eventually I touch a door handle or something covered in germs and that's it. It started yesterday so I took to my bed in a huff and watched pay-per-view films on Sky all night: Swim Fan is a teenage version of Fatal Attraction starring Jesse Bradford who has an interesting face and body but it turns me right off because he can't talk intelligently about art. Who could love such a person? I could and you could, that's who. Mary he's gorgeous etc... I also saw One Hour Photo which was more rivetting - nice to see Robin Williams playing someone so fucked-up (although I still found him more scary in Mrs Doubtfire).

An interesting new blog log I have discovered is jaymaster (because he has a Tivo and we agree on a lot of stuff). I've also been rather taken with Let me get this straight of late.

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