Thursday, October 16, 2003

The country, if we were to believe the papers, is in outrage because channel 4 showed two teenagers having sex on Big Brother last night.

While I felt almost as skanky as "witchy" Jade and "inarticulate" Tommy when I watched them having sex under a duvet, I guess the issue is whether a) it's oK for teenagers to have sex or b) it's OK to show them on tv doing it?

The teenage "experiement" Big Brother (which was only supposed to be shown as a schools programme during the day to educate youngsters about group dymanics etc) was suddenly switched to a prime-time slot. That seems somewhat manipulative. Yes, it was good tv - Big Brother 4 was a huge dull dud and by not letting the contestants worry about public votes, there was a lot more "reality" and a lot less tongue-biting and counting to 10. Also, by using a group of 18 year olds with wildly different perspectives on life, you could guarantee that bitchy sparks would fly everywhere. Some of the teenagers weren't likable (much - the only one I really liked was sheltered, sunny, pretty Caroline who reminds me of the nice students I am lucky enough to teach) but they were at least full of energy.

At least the bar has been raised now. BB5 needs to feature transsexual nuns having S/M sex if it expects to achieve any sort of ratings victory.

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