Tuesday, September 16, 2003

This is a good time for trash tv. UK Living are celebrating their 10th anniversary (that long!) with Strip Search - a programme which redefines what trash is. It's like Pop Idol, but with male strippers. That's all you need to know. The judges are a slightly posh fitness instructor and a bargain basement Samantha from Sex in The City/Leslie Ash/Caroline from Big Brother 1 dance instructor called Inez who has a bad attitude and says things like "I have a degree darling!"

I don't find stripping sexy. Frustrating yes. Embarrassing yes. Sexy no. Yet I concede that on the couple of occasions that I have been in bars and strippers have been on, they've at least been quite good at it. However, what is interesting about Strip Search is that we get to see BAD strippers - 48 year old men who Should Know Better, pasty-skinned, pigeon chested, ginger-pubed men Who Don't Know Any Better, and embarrassed, steroid-induced acne-scarred nightclub bouncers Who Don't Know Anything. To give them their due, the two judges oozed nastiness, barking out put-downs such as "Why do you think you're sexy to women?" "Have you ever thought of waxing?" and "Is there something wrong with your legs?" When the fresh meat gets a little stale, they turn on each other which is even more fun to watch. Throughout the programme we are offered top tips from an Australian stripper guru who tells us things like "Women like men with tans" and "Take your shoes off first!" There is something for everyone, with chicken-queens, size-queens, muscle-queens and all manner of -queens getting to view the goods.

This is going to be this Autumn's Sleeper hit.

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