Thursday, September 04, 2003

It's true, Jeepers Creepers 2 is the gayest horror film ever made (even more gay than A Nightmare on Elm Street 2). Not only does it have a mostly shirtless Al Santos in it, but it features high school jocks shrieking lines like "Tippi!" when someone gets scared by some birds and "This morning you were waving pom-poms, now you're a psychic hotline!" Said jocks also sunbathe on top of a bus and urinate together, standing a little bit too closely for their own good. There's also insinuations of jock-strap sniffing. See it.

I haven't been updating this much because I've moved house recently and am getting used to having a garden and making the most of the swansong of summer. I have had to say goodbye to air conditioning and Sky Plus, but hello to broadband, Tivo and proper (ie not velux) windows, so I suppose it's a good trade off. My new place also has a lot of squirrels around (I'm always suspicious of people who say that squirrels are just rats with tails - I've even dumped a boyfriend for that (he went fox-hunting as well though) I quite like rats as well though, so such remarks are wasted on me.

I have also been writing like mad for the last couple of months - usually when I'm not writing in here, it means my life is busier and more interesting. Ironically, it's only when I'm bored and have little going on that I can be bothered to write in the web log - and that's probably when I shouldn't write.

Graffiti seen behind the HSBC in Lancaster town centre: "Leeanne is a slag and a hore."

Damn ebay snipers. There should be a law against them. Along with spammers they occupy a very low place on the internet hierarchy.

I love My New Best Friend (Channel 4, Friday nights). It's horrible, but watchable. The premise - a person has to convince everyone that the annoying new man in their life is their new best friend for a weekend. If they win they get £10,000. If they give up, they get nothing. So far the funniest was a blokish chap paired with a camp gay man who made him come out and perform a bizarre live sex show to his friends. Last week's went a bit too far, when the NBF started talking about eating women in Bangkok.

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