Thursday, September 11, 2003

I was in London earlier this week and happened to be by Tower Bridge, where David Blaine is spending 44 days in a box. Apparently he has received a mixed response from the British public, who have thrown eggs, banged drums, aimed golf balls and bared their breasts at him. It is very fashionable to show a lack of interest in Mr Blaine's 'stunt' or to claim it's a trick and he's not really in the box at all. In fact slagging off David Blaine has become so ubiquitous and predictable, I have declared it to be boring and unfashionable. So I am going to do the opposite and say that I thought his stunt was interesting and different - it had certainly attracted large crowds of people - the majority of whom were supportive, smiling and waving at Mr Blaine - who smiled and waved back. Of course, this is not as news-worthy as someone throwing eggs, so the newspaper reporters have failed to mention it.

There is something a bit grotesque about watching someone on a self-motivated media hunger strike (what would Bobby Sands make of it all?) but on Day 3 Mr Blaine looked happy and well, even a little chubby. I wonder what he will look like on Day 43?


When I moved house a few weeks ago, the removal men found a strange object under a chest of drawers by the bed. It was a catholic cross, on a pink chain. I have no idea how it got there - we were the first people to occupy the property, and I am one of those control-freak people who know where every single object in my house is at any given time. I have been wracking my brains to think of who may have slept in my bed and left such an item behind. I do go away a lot and have invited various people to house-sit and look after the cat. But who would own a feminine catholic cross? I can't think. If it was you, please confess, as large numbers of my in-laws are now convinced that it is a psychic manisfestation.

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