Monday, September 29, 2003

I am not a Dr Who fan (although I was when I was a teenager). My fella, however is
a huh-uge fan - and I have learnt to live with his regular bed-time watching of Dr Who videos and finding cds of audio-only adventures scattered around the house. During an argument I once declared that Dr Who was bad because it had very little character development in it, particularly of the main character, whereas the Star Trek programmes have lots of character growth and interaction. I didn't really mean it.

What is sad though, is that Dr Who hasn't been on tv for years. Rumour has it that Michael Grade hated the programme for various reasons, despite the fact that merchandising has been a money-maker for the BBC for an awfully long time. My fella often complains that it is a sad testament to the UK's sense of dejection that we can't even imagine ourselves as a society in the future or in space any more - think about it, other than Red Dwarf, how many British sci-fi series are there? Most of our sci-fi comes from America, the Federation is pretty much American, with the odd Brit thrown in here and there to provide eccentricity or whatever.

Dr Who has also been the target of lazy journalism for a long time. The usual cliches about
Wobbly sets 1 and Daleks that you could defeat by walking upstairs have been a staple of bored media types with little of consequence to say.

Fortunately this is all about to come to an end (although the wobbly set stories will still abound) as there is to be a new series of Dr Who, penned by Russell T. Davies who did Queer As Folk. My fella got a bit tearful with joy when he found out. Popdizzy has given his own perspective on what this will look like. A lot of Dr Who fans are also gay. There is even a gay Dr Who fan society. I wonder why this is. Dr Who is not gay himself, although he is single and often quite camp or dandified. For camp value for money, I've always preferred Blakes 7 - thanks to the magnificant Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan, or Deep Space 9 and Garak's little quips. Perhaps someone could explain to me the gay appeal of Dr Who?

Still, I'm bracing myself for more late-night Dr Who video marathon sessions.

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