Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Are you upwardly or downwardly mobile? Upmystreet.com is insidiously fascinating and horrible at the same time. You can use it to see what your postcode says about you - it'll even tell you what foods you buy and whether you watch ITV a lot. Spy on your friends before visiting them, to decide whether or not it'll be safe to park your car outside their home. I entered all the postcodes I've ever lived at to see what it had to say about me:

Aged 1-18 Type 41: Better-Off Council Areas, New Home Owners

Aged 18-21 Type 44: Multi-Occupied Terraces, Multi-Ethnic Areas

Aged 21-25 Type 37: Multi-Occupied Town Centres, Mixed Occupations

Aged 25-31 Type 3: Mature Affluent Home Owning Areas

I'd agree with affluent (just), but mature? Surely not.

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