Thursday, May 08, 2003

Three cheers for UltraSparky who has paid to have the ever-changing, but always annoying advert at the top of this page removed.

I am not enjoying I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here this time round. They're all boring. Bring back Christine Hamilton and Rhona Cameron. However, I was amused by reports that 1980s husband-and-wife variety act The Krankies (who I have discussed on these pages before) had tried to infiltrate the camp. Apparently, they aren't famous enough to get on the show. How can this be? Any more of this shameless clawing for the limelight and I will be forced to give them their own fan website. Imagine how fascinating it must be to be The Krankies, but then imagine how much more fascinating it must be to be their only stalker!

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