Tuesday, May 27, 2003

It's unlike Big Brother to give us a 100% heterosexual housemate quota, so I'm taking bets on whole will be the first to be outed. Frederico has already "joked" about having a boyfriend called Frank. Apparently they have an open relationship - Frank goes out clubbing, while he stays in and wipes down work surfaces. Or not. Frederico also whispered to Raymundo and Anoushka that he'd like a "menage a trois". However, I think it's all posturing. My money's on Scott who wants to be reincarnated as Kylie's dog and has written a play for Radio 4. He may like football, but 'footie kit' is very fashionable nowadays for gay guys. Failing that, the oldest housemate yet also the ingenue Cameron is probably struggling with queer feelings which his baptist church have firmly quashed. Or maybe Jon, who is apparently a "confirmed bachelor" according to his twin brother has something to share, when he's not describing sub-plots of Lord of the Rings. In fact, I'm sure they're all bisexual, but are a bit too reserved and nice to even think about sex.

On another note, did anyone hear Anoushka's "Purple people" "joke" yesterday. There's a year of my life I'll never get back. I guess that's what taking LSD feels like.

Meanwhile. Bling bling. Do you know how it is when everyone in the world starts using a word and they all forgot to tell you what it means. I surmised it must be something to do with being cool, but it wouldn't be cool to ask what it meant exactly. Still, I never was cool and am far to old to worry about that now, so I asked google. Apparently, bling bling is the imagined sound that sunlight would make when it bounces off diamonds and gold jewellry. It refers to "flash and flair" apparently. And if someone like me has used it in their blog, then I'm sorry kids, but it's already way out of fashion. Better come up with something new again...

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