Sunday, May 18, 2003

The great thing about Friendly TV is that you can text the presenters with your questions. As so few people are watching, they are desperate for people to contact them and will answer anything. My favourite show so far has been an evening of "girl talk", with Haley (pictured below), two very quiet Dutch women (who were in the UK for 6 weeks) and another girl who was very clearly and aggressively drunk. I'm afraid my curiousity got the better of me and I started texting the programme like mad at 50p a go. The presenters read my questions almost as soon as I sent them and tried their best to answer them. My first question was designed to see if they would break the "no free advertising" rule by saying the name of shops. I asked "Where do you buy all of your fabulous clothes from? Especially Haley." Haley, who had kept up an almost-constant monologue up until that point was lost for words (for once), but one of the Dutch girls said "H&M" before Hale' chastised her for breaking the rules. One Professionalism point for Haley.

Then my boyfriend suggested that I text "What is your favourite? Pie and chips or fish and chips?" We decided that this might be more up Haley's street. And sure enough, this question received more interest. "As a southerner, I have to say good old fish and chips!" said Haley decisively. Unfortunately there was no room for discussion. The Dutch girls weren't interested in the eating habits of the British, and the drunk girl was hissing in a world-of-her-own corner to herself. Yet all of this talk of food was getting the four presenters quite hungry. A take-away curry was called for, and for the next 10 minutes there was very little question-taking as the girls chowed down on their food. This was unfortunate as my next question-cum-statement was "I hope Haley is getting paid more money than the others - she's doing all the work! What are your future ambitions?" This went completely ignored as they were too busy scoffing themselves to answer it.

After that, various people sent in sexual suggestions to the girls, or told them they were rubbish, or amazing. It was getting very late and I realised I had been watching Friendly TV for almost four hours without a break. Trash Addict has found his new spiritual home. And it's Friendly.

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