Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Saddam bashing is now in full-swing. Now that the statues have toppled in front of the whole world - and ordinary Iraqis have taken to performing lewd acts in the streets with pictures of him (not to mention hitting his iconography with their shoes - I'm sure it has very important cultural significance but it just looks silly so please stop doing it - thanks XXX), the latest piece of scandal is that Saddam was a gay porn star all along (thanks to Comatose for the link). It's almost like an episode of South Park come to life.

Even The Guardian can't resist twisting the knife - although in true Guardian snotty, middle-class "House Doctor" style, it decides to make fun of Saddam's taste. After a week of sniffy articles about gold taps in the Palace bathroom, the latest "What sort of insane fascist dictator would live in a House Like This?" expose decides to have a laugh at some of the bad art that adorns the walls of the palace. "The iconography of psychotic porn," giggles art correspondent Jonathan Jones. And it seems that Saddam had the taste of a 14 year old boy whose teachers would describe as being "a bit slow", who has just discoverd masturbation and is probably going to grow up with inarticulated sexual desires for men AND women. It's all about blonde women with their breasts hanging out, being rescued by blonde men (also with their breasts hanging out), from being attacked by dragons etc. Lots of phallic missiles and a cartoonish style that reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons.

Taking a look at the blonde guy in that picture, maybe the gay porn star story has some credence after all.

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