Wednesday, January 01, 2003

I once read somewhere that advertisers hardly ever show two men in a scene alone together because of the implication of a *gasp* homosexual relationship. So I am looking out with interest for the new Marmite advertising campaign, featuring the first male-male kiss in a commercial. The campaign shows a lifeguard giving the kiss of life to another man, who returns the kiss because the lifeguard's been eating Marmite. On one level it's a fun message and it's good that the media are able to push boundaries like this. However, one possible reading of the advert is - "People will do the most gross things to get their fix of marmite, even *gasp* kissing another MAN!"

Saw a refreshingly weird music video by a group called Electric 6. Their debut single "Danger! High Voltage" is reminiscient of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with two freakish characters who have huge glowing bulges around their private parts. I predict they will be huge.

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